Headstart Sports Mind Coaching Discover how you can unlock your true competitive potential with sports mental performance coach Dawn Hollinshead NLP Sports Master Practitioner.
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching
Dawn works with sports performers of all levels, using NLP techniques
Psychology and hypnosis. Through one to one consultations and using different strategies, techniques and tools, Dawn can help you to control those competition nerves, gain greater confidence and self-belief. Eliminate negative thinking and negative self-talk, control stress, overcome fears and past events, improve motivation and help with any other psychological aspect of competing or riding.
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching
Dawn’s aim is to help you become the great sports performer you know you can be!
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching Poplar Farm Wettenhall Winsford Cheshire CW7 4DU UK     07703 321 882  dawn.hollinshead@headstart.info
Services:Concentrate To have the right mental skills to perform to the top of our game and beyond, we need to be able to CONCENTRATE and focus fully in the moment. There is no room for doubt, negative self-talk limiting beliefs or distractions!
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching
WILL TO WIN we need the WILL TO WIN, that determination and motivation that drives every top sports person.
EMOTIONAL BALANCE And we need the right EMOTIONAL BALANCE, being able to maintain a cool relaxed state while pumped up with adrenaline.
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching
The ZONE Do all this and we are able to access the “ZONE or FLOW STATE.” Where competing becomes effortless and we feel like we have all the time in the world as we go on to autopilot and let our unconscious mind take over, to perform the skills we have trained so hard for. We trust ourselves and compete instinctively!
WINNING EDGE In one to one consultations in a relaxed atmosphere discover how different strategies, techniques and interventions can eliminate negative thinking gain greater confidence and self-belief to enable you to access the zone state that gives you the WINNING EDGE!
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching Poplar Farm Wettenhall Winsford Cheshire CW7 4DU UK   07703 321 882   dawn.hollinshead@headstart.info
Dawn Hollinshead is an N.L.P Sports master practitioner and has an NLP sports hypnosis diploma. Dawn trained with renowned sports mental performance coach Andy Barton.
Dawn is a keen sports woman and has always been fascinated by the psychological side of sport. How some athletes thrive under pressure and win against all the odds because they have the right mind set!
She has worked with a diverse range of sports people and has a very sympathetic and approachable nature.
Having competed nationally and internationally for twenty years eventing, she understands well the pressures sports people put on themselves in their quest for success. Dawn takes a keen interest in all sports including football and rugby and in her spare time loves water skiing, and enjoys playing tennis and netball.
Dawn has been an equestrian coach for the last thirty years and is a BE development coach and B.H.S.I.I. Over the last ten years she has enjoyed competing at lower levels to focus more on teaching, producing horses and helping other people in their quest for success.
Dawn is available for one to one sports mental performance consultations in a relaxed atmosphere from her home in Wettenhall, Cheshire. She is also available for group talks out and about for clubs etc.
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching Poplar Farm Wettenhall Winsford Cheshire CW7 4DU UK   07703 321 882 dawn.hollinshead@headstart.info
About nlp:
Neuro linguistic Programming was started in the early 1970’s in America, by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. The way in which Bandler and Grinder’s research was different compared to other schools of psychology was that they were looking at the fundamental characteristics of change. They found that the way in which people think about something makes a crucial difference to the way in which they experience it!
“Neuro” refers to our nervous system and that our behavior comes about as a result of the way we process information through our sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.
“Linguistic” refers to our language and the way we use it both verbal and non-verbal to code our internal representation we make of our world.
“Programming” refers to the programmes and strategies that we run in our lives to achieve out results.
“NLP is how we use the minds own language to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.”
“NLP is a method for modelling excellence so it can be duplicated.”
NLP has been widely used in all areas of life in particular sport where it is having amazing results. Famous sports people that have used NLP include Tiger Woods, Freddie Flintoff, Darren Clarke, Andre Agassi and Greg Norman.  
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching
Poplar Farm Wettenhall Winsford Cheshire CW7 4DU UK  
 07703 321 882  dawn.hollinshead@headstart.info
Dawn Hollinshead NLP Sports Master Practitioner Poplar Farm Wettenhall Winsford Cheshire CW7 4DU 07703 321 882 dawn.hollinshead@headstart.info
Headstart Sports Mind Coaching
Poplar Farm Wettenhall Winsford Cheshire CW7 4DU UK  07703 321 882   dawn.hollinshead@headstart.info 

I can’t thank Dawn enough for all her help, support and coaching within my sessions. I feel a completely different rider/person and I am reaping the rewards of that.

Before I met Dawn I was a rider/person that was always bothered what other people thought, and this had a massive effect on my schooling at home. I got to the point where I would only ever school my horse with my trainer there despite having a successful dressage career with my horse over the years at British Dressage, and qualifying twice for the Nationals in the same year.

What I loved about my sessions with Dawn was that she listened to the negative challenges I was having, and turned them into exciting ones for the future.

My outlook now whether in or out of the saddle is very positive and this has shown in my dressage results,  as I have scored the highest I have ever done, won every single competition, gained my regional points in a few outings and got a write up in the Horse & Hound magazine.

I will always highly recommend Dawn as she is such a calm soothing person with effective tools & techniques to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Thanks again for everything


I am a relatively competent rider who mainly competes at show jumping.  In my teenage years I was competitive, however as I have got older I feel nerves have really impacted my ability to ride well in competitions.  I get tense, which transfers itself to my arms and my breathing and I don't react in the right way and think clearly. 

I have had two sessions with Dawn and the difference has been amazing!  She has given me a number of different tools to use both in preparation for, and on the day of a competition and also advised me how to deal with external negative influences.  These have helped enormously and really give me something to focus on when the nerves strike.  

In my first competition after my session with Dawn, I was in a jump off and at a height above where I had previously competed.  I was nervous beforehand but I used the techniques and jumped a lovely clear!  I have continued using the techniques and have had much more success recently than any time in the past few years. 

Not only has Dawn given me the tools to cope but she also has a lovely, friendly manner, making me feel very comfortable about talking about my competition issues.  I highly recommend.

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I first went to see Dawn because I wanted to improve on my triathlon results and learn how to get rid of pre event nerves. Dawn has shown me what to focus on and how to stay focused on the elements that make a positive difference to my triathlon results. I now enjoy my events more and I'm achieving my goals.

I would definitely recommend a couple of sessions with Dawn to anyone who wants to improve in their sport. It's a vital part to anyone's training programme.


I cannot recommend the positive influence of sports mind coaching highly enough!

I am an amateur rider, who enjoys her competing, but had a mental block where show jumping was concerned. Nerves would take over days before the event; every previous failure I could think of would raise its head; my enjoyment of the event wouldn’t start until after the show jumping was over!
Dawns thoughtful, systematic approached helped me understand my nerves. She gave me techniques to deal with them, helped me focus on the positives, to the extent that yes, show jumping still makes me nervous, but I am now enjoying it, and even looking forward to it. And yes, I can still make mistakes, but I can now put them behind me quickly and move on.

Dawns help has been a very positive influence on my competing, and my enjoyment of competing. You won’t regret talking with her!

Although I had competed in around a dozen Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, I decided to step up in distance and enter a Half Ironman (double the distance of an Olympic event). As the race approached a certain anxiety set in regarding the distances, duration of the race etc.

During a session with Dawn, she talked me through a visualisation technique focusing on preparation, and in particular, transitions from the swim to the bike leg. This was a tremendous help as Dawn used her own experiences from Eventing to put my mind at ease, this led to me being extremely calm on the morning of the race. I had also put myself under pressure to achieve a certain time for the race, but Dawn explained that as this was my first time covering a Half Ironman Triathlon I should concentrate on enjoying the whole experience rather than constantly check my timings.

 I would definitely recommend a session or two with Dawn for anyone who has concerns, anxieties or issues with either a sporting or non-sporting problem.



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